Thursday, May 6, 2010

Emerald Coast Writers

A year ago I joined the Emerald Coast Writer's and I find my life as a writer is becoming closer to reality. My first writer's conference at Ft Walton Beach in April 2009 was a turning point in my life. Some health challenges and the death of a dear friend was getting the best of me so I needed something to focus on to keep me going. Although I wrote in my journal almost daily and an occasional poem would find it's way on my pages, I had a craving for something bigger that I would be able to share with others. The ideas were forming and growing and I settled down to write a mystery novel.

It takes diligence and an indomitable will to learn something new when you are approaching your senior years. But somehow now I find a willingness to take chances is easier. At 65 I have passed the old age equator so what others think is not so important. For now I still work full-time but my free time belongs to me. Although I have always been independent minded and had a mind of my own, expressing myself to others was not always easy especially if my ideas were controversial or a new way of thinking. When we were younger it was a common problem for women in my age group. So now I am finding my voice and it feels so great. I decided to write under my maiden name and that is like being reborn.

The 2010 ECW Conference was more productive for me since I have been growing as a writer and seeing myself in that light. Making new friends and having a group to share ideas is so beneficial. It's exciting and it gives me the boost that I need.

I have discovered that I love to develop characters and give them personalities and situations to deal with. Sometimes (I am told) they take charge of the story which makes it even more fun.

For now I must go and I hope to give words of encouragement to all writers everywhere including myself. Happy writing!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blog Spot

I am working on my blog spot - so bear with me. The Emerald Coast Writers Conference in Ft Walton Beach was an incredible experience. I've decided to do a lot of changes to my mystery novel which is scheduled to be finished this fall.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Blogger today

I am new to this and don't have much of a clue. But, I am an aspiring writer and would like to comunicate with other writers out there. I like to read British myteries. My favorites are P.D. James and Martha Grimes.